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Service IT Case Study


Omnilift began its operation in 1976 with a few experienced employees, one service van and a lot of enthusiasm. They have steadily grown, moving once in 1982 and again in 1987 to their present location in Warwick, PA. In 1994 they opened a branch operation to serve the Lehigh Valley. They have continued to represent Crown lift trucks since 1976, and additionally represent Komatsu internal combustion trucks.

The Situation

For over 40 years, Omnilift’s service department operated using a tri-copy paper work order. With more than 50 technicians on the road, this became a never ending challenge to manage. In speaking with Gina Coyle, Vice President of Finance, she explained the pains they faced using paper. “Getting work orders back into our office for invoicing was a nightmare. It was not uncommon for a completed work order to be ‘on the streets’ for 2 to 3 weeks which delayed our invoicing and then we had to decipher the techs handwriting and fix other errors.”

The Solution

Omnilift knew paperless solutions existed but the fear of project magnitude and transition was intimidating. “We were not actively looking for a solution, but rather a solution in Tinnacity found us. We had worked with Dave and his team on other projects in the past. They approached us with their field service mobile solution and knowing their technical and industry experience, we could not pass up the opportunity.

We weren’t looking for a mobile application that would do a million things, but rather a solution that could provide the industry features needed by our service professionals and integrate with our back office system. That is what Tinnacity provided to us.” stated Gina.

Immediately after go live, Omnilift began to realize their return on investment for the mobile solution procured. Gina affirmed this by saying, “We increased our monthly revenue by an average of 25% with the same number of technicians and just finished our best year ever in service billings. Our ROI was essentially 1 month, which our President and CEO are understandably thrilled about!”

The implementation was not just a success for ownership, but for all staff. Omnilift’s technicians no longer have a stack of papers to track or need to spend time at the end of their day filling out paperwork. Work orders are submitted automatically and the data is inserted directly into Omnilift’s back office. Technicians are spending more time fixing equipment and maximizing billing time. Back office ‘touches’ are minimal and data entry is eliminated, which streamlines their processes from service to cash. Customers appreciate the move to mobile with features like batch signing multiple work orders and receiving a clean digital work order PDF that is easy to read and manage. Gina ended the conversation on a big note saying “Dave and his team are the best! What they bring is a wealth of knowledge of the material handling and heavy equipment industry. Their customer support is excellent - always available to answer questions, training refreshers or help to work through processes. We couldn’t have chosen a better partner for this mobile implementation!”

Tinnacity’s field service mobile solution (Service IT) provides an easy to use and fully integrated solution to your back office. “We provide a solution that allows your service technicians to do what they do best...and that is to fix equipment”, says David Tinnerman, President of Tinnacity. Tinnacity uses over 20 years of industry and technology experience to provide a state of the art field service solution designed specifically for the material handling and industrial equipment field. “We are not just a mobile application, but rather a complete solution from front to back”, says David.


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