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Material Handling Inc
AJ Jersey

Steve Coleman, Service Manager

We continue to see new customer requests. Tinnacity has provided us with the toolsets to make service and billing easier for not only us but the customer as well.

Material Handling Inc

Tony Smith, VP of Operations

Tinnacity has been a very good business partner for MHI.  This platform has allowed us the flexibility we need to process invoices faster, return parts to van stock the very next day and, as an added benefit it allowed us to implement a contact-less workflow for the service department during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Max Lift

Max McTeer, President

We have found Tinnacity to be a permanent and valuable tool to our service and parts department. Tinnacity's mobile service solution (Service IT) has enhanced our customer experience with real time work order information along with a professional checklist and report. For 20 years, we have had paper work orders and Tinnacity has been a fundamental change in Max Lift's operation. 

Komatsu Forklifts of America

Terry Rose, General Manager

Jeff Winner, Director of Service & Warranty

Service IT provides features such as Parts Request and Quote Request which allows us to better document our customer needs and requests. We are able to track all requests along with photo documentation with each one. No longer do we have the situation in which the technician is continually calling or texting into the office multiple times for these same requests. The decreased technician “phone time” is allowing our technicians to spend more time repairing equipment and satisfying the customer. These are only just a few of the Service IT features that have reduced our parts order errors, that have increased our quote to close ratio, and have provided us with the ability to get quotes out to our customer faster.  


Gina Coyle, Vice President

Before implementing Tinnacity, technicians would have to come off the road to turn in completed work orders, thereby losing valuable billing opportunity. Now, we have the ability to invoice as soon as a work order is signed. The app has saved us in technician time, vehicle wear/gas and printing costs, while allowing us to turn our receivables faster. Keeping technicians in the field and producing was key in increasing productivity.

Lift Power

Daniel Niewhoener - CFO

John Truss - Operations Manager

Tinnacity’s mobile service application has fixed the problem of tracking down missing timecards and WOs (work orders) and has streamlined our billing and payroll process significantly. When timesheets and WOs are submitted they drop directly into our workflow and are legible and easy for

our back-office to efficiently process.

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