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AJ Jersey is located in South Plainfield, NJ

Tinnacity has given us the ability to eliminate paper work orders and allowed us to conform to the New Jersey office limit guidelines (during the COVID pandemic) without having to sacrifice anything within our workflow. We were required to cut the office staff to a 50% occupancy. With this restriction in place, Tinnacity's Service IT application allowed our employees to work remotely and remain productive while still conforming to these guidelines. We did not have to figure out how to move paperwork between technicians and office staff; the Tinnacity system did this for us... keeping our productivity intact.


We needed a way to limit the need for people to physically interact. With Tinnacity, technicians no longer had the need to come to the office to drop off completed paperwork, nor do they need to come into the shop to get their next job (like we had to do in the past). The paperwork that was once lost in the shuffle from technician to billing is now gone....all eliminated by the mobile app Service IT.


We continue to see new customer requests. Tinnacity has provided us with the toolsets to make service and billing easier for not only us but the customer as well.

Testimonial Received by:

Steve Coleman - Service Manager 

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MHI is located in Dalton, GA; Gainesville, GA; Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN; Chattanooga, TN, and Bowling Green, KY

When we first started looking for a platform to move our company to a paper-less system, we explored several systems. Our journey was a long and tedious process. We were looking for a system that was tailored to the forklift industry. The biggest obstacle for us was finding a system that could integrate with our backend system (an IBM iSeries platform with a custom software system). We needed the information obtained from the mobile app to be able to be put back into our business system, maintain the inventory control, and still provide billing out of our backend system. 


Our company CEO, Patrick Sain, had received some information about Tinnacity while we were exploring our options. Our CEO asked our CFO, William M. Gleaton, and myself to investigate the Tinnacity mobile service solution Service IT.  As we explored this product, we believed that it could be a fit and so we contacted the Tinnacity President, Dave Tinnerman to do a presentation for us.  Dave came on site and did a presentation that answered the most if not all our questions about the solution. In addition, Dave calmed our fears and concerns about integrating into our back-end office system to our satisfaction. Dave is a “Forklift guy” and had knowledge of the IBM system that we were working from.  However, we still wanted to see the Tinnacity product in action.  With Dave's assistance, we were able to visit another Tinnacity customer working in a forklift application near our dealership. Seeing it first hand in action, we were excited and were ready to get started! We understood that we had one mountain to climb and that was the integration piece.  We put our systems people in touch with Dave and his Tinnacity team and let them run with it. Once we were satisfied that we were ready for the challenge.....we began the process of CHANGE.


The process of "CHANGE" was the hardest for us as we decided to run a dual system of both paper and mobile to ensure all data and integration was in synch. We did integration of systems in two phases.  The first phase was to bring the dispatched work order data from our back office system and onto the tablet for the technician. We chose a couple of technicians to test the tablet to ensure data would flow as expected from the back office and to the mobile app.  This step took about two months as we refined our internal processes and worked with the Tinnacity. Phase 2 was bringing the data collected in the mobile app (Service IT) solution back into our back-office system for final billing.  This process took a bit longer to ensure no loss of data and our need to properly bill the customer.  Knowing what we know now...(data accuracy and robust Tinnacity solution) we would have made the leap much sooner.  We would have speeded the integration process up by months or more!


Technicians:  My advice on this is to make sure that you understand that the "business" will have some push back from some technicians.  In our case,  we had young techs that took to it very easily and while some older techs required additional training. For the most part, it was the time management (time card) transition that was hardest for most techs. The automatic timecard eliminated the need for the tech to manufacture a time card and the need to fill out paperwork after the fact. Tinnacity allowed us to put the control of work order billing back in control of the service writers. Today we have worked through most hurdles with our techs and continue to refine our processes to ensure our techs have a backlog of work.


Parts benefits: Tinnacity is a huge benefit to the parts department.  No longer do we need to wait to get work orders from our service department.  As soon a tech has completed a work order, the parts department can review and process work orders quickly. Tinnacity then provides us the features that allow our service department to know to process work orders after parts has completed their review.  This speeds up billing and van stock replenishment.  Working with our back-office support personnel we are able to automate some processes that we had manually performed in the past which helps the accuracy of parts inventory counts.


Back office:  In the beginning, it was a struggle for some of the back office people because we were running duel systems and only doing the billing from the back-office system.  It was confusing at times.  However, once we integrated our business system with Tinnacity so both systems were communicating together, those concerns and issues disappeared. We still have a review process in place and the only thing we are manually doing today is time entry posting in payroll.  At some point in the future, we want to automate that process as well.


To summarize, Tinnacity has been a very good business partner for MHI.  This platform has allowed us the flexibility we need to process invoices faster, return parts to van stock the very next day and, as an added benefit it allowed us to implement a contact-less workflow for the service department during the Covid-19 pandemic.  When we were implementing Tinnacity none of us could have foreseen the Covid-19 pandemic coming nor the benefit of having a tablet-based work order system in place.  There is no doubt in my mind that God put Dave Tinnerman in our path.  Dave and Tinnacity is continuing to work with us on different products that will enhance Tinnacity and assist MHI now and into the future. We look for a long and prosperous relationship going forward.



Testimonial Received by:


Tony Smith - VP of Operations

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Max Lift is located in Oklahoma City, OK.


We have found Tinnacity to be a permanent and valuable tool to our service and parts department. Tinnacity's mobile service solution (Service IT) has enhanced our customer experience with real time work order information along with a professional checklist and report. For 20 years, we have had paper work orders and Tinnacity has been a fundamental change in Max Lift's operation. Often times, our technician has finished a job and can be immediately dispatched to another job through the Service IT app. Our office is notified and can quickly identify when a job is completed. By the time the technician reaches their next job or arrives back to the shop, the completed job has been finalized and invoiced.


Tinnacity provides us the capability to remove any bottlenecks. We can move planned jobs from one technician's plate to other technicians to rearrange work flow. Our productivity, accuracy, and overall happiness factor has increased since using Tinnacity.

Testimonial Received by:


Max McTeer- President 


Komatsu Forklift USA is located in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; and Long Beach, CA.

Service IT has helped us to continue our service operations during the COVID 19 pandemic by providing a solution that allows minimal person to person contact while still gaining efficiencies in billable hours. Tinnacity has allowed our service team to work from their homes and our offices as needed. The Service IT solution allows us to manage the dispatching of our techs in an efficient manner and allows us to monitor their daily work in process more efficiently; no matter where our service team is located. With the new mapping feature we can see where the technician is located to help line up their next work without the need to open another software system (GPS system) outside of Tinnacity.


Service IT provides features such as Parts Request and Quote Request which allows us to better document our customer needs and requests. We are able to track all requests along with photo documentation with each one. No longer do we have the situation in which the technician is continually calling or texting into the office multiple times for these same requests. The decreased technician “phone time” is allowing our technicians to spend more time repairing equipment and satisfying the customer. These are only just a few of the Service IT features that have reduced our parts order errors, that have increased our quote to close ratio, and have provided us with the ability to get quotes out to our customer faster.  


Tinnacity is constantly looking for ways to improve Service IT to help us work smarter!  


Testimonial Received by:

Terry Rose - General Manager

Jeff Winner - Director of Service and Warranty


Omnilift is located in Warminster, PA and Allentown, PA.


COVID 19: Tinnacity is Key for the new normal

"When we went mobile with SERVICE IT a few years ago, the productivity of our Service Department skyrocketed. Our President and CEO were thrilled. Who knew, that within a few short years, we would be relying on this product to help our "essential workforce" play a critical role, in the supply chain for the distribution of food, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical companies, during this pandemic. Dispatchers, Service Administration and Management were able to direct and supervise their teams from all remote locations. With SERVICE IT, we never missed a beat. Dispatching, completed work orders, and billing remained a constant, in this changing environment. Implementation of SERVICE IT has been the single most valuable investment we have ever made.


"As I reflect on the past several months of this pandemic and am now realizing that this may be our new normal for some time, SERVICE IT and it's multi-faceted functionality has been key in business continuity and protection of our essential workforce, in support of our community." 


"Tinnacity Mobile solution is the perfect fit for our service team. Service processes are streamlined; from the moment a customer places a service call until we process an invoice, Tinnacity is working to ensure optimal tech performance and management reporting accuracy.

Before implementing Tinnacity, technicians would have to come off the road to turn in completed work orders, thereby losing valuable billing opportunity. Now, we have the ability to invoice as soon as a work order is signed. The app has saved us in technician time, vehicle wear/gas and printing costs, while allowing us to turn our receivables faster. Keeping technicians in the field and producing was key in increasing productivity.

Even though we have GPS – Tinnacity gave us a clear understanding of exactly what the tech is working on throughout the day. Dispatchers can easily determine when the next job needs to be dispatched. Less time is spent on the phone, thereby increasing productivity for both tech and dispatcher. Work orders come in .pdf format directly to our servers, eliminating the need to sort through paper and file mounds of work orders.

Tinnacity’s Mobile solution makes it easy for our service techs to do what they do best – repair equipment."

Testimonial Received by:

Gina Coyle - Vice President


Lift Power is headquartered in Jacksonville, FL.


COVID 19: We are prepared!

"When the pandemic started to disrupt our markets, Service IT was critical to our company's flexible response to the changing business environment. Having our Service and Dock & Door teams on the platform allowed us to immediately transition our entire front and back office functions to remote work with no impact to our customers or to our technicians' productivity. Dispatchers could remotely send work orders directly to the technicians' tablets. Completed work orders were received fully integrated with our ERP, ready for billing. Front and back office teams were able to work efficiently in a remote environment without paper and with full visibility to management."


"The bottom line for us is that in a very difficult situation, Service IT allowed us to offer a safer working environment for our employees, and to keep our focus on meeting the service needs of our customers."


Why Tinnacity?

"Tinnacity understands the material handling industry and the problems that dealers are looking for software to solve. Dave and his team have worked tirelessly to deliver software solutions that provide significant ROI and they have consistently over delivered for us."


Pain points it resolved:

"Tinnacity’s mobile service application has fixed the problem of tracking down missing timecards and WOs (work orders) and has streamlined our billing and payroll process significantly. When timesheets and WOs are submitted they drop directly into our workflow and are legible and easy for

our back-office to efficiently process."

Testimonial Received by:

Daniel Niewhoener - CFO

John Truss - Operations Manager


Wise Forklift Inc is located in Dothan, AL. 


Tinnacity has helped fill the gap in communication between all departments. We now spend less time on the
phone with techs and have all requests right in front of us. This program has helped us to create more billable
hours and get them billed out correctly.
It has made dispatching and keeping up with the techs so much easier.
We know exactly what they are working on at all times. We have vastly narrowed down our lost time. Our customers
like getting their work orders sent directly to them in a legible pdf. This has helped us to cut out use of paper work
orders and saved us on printing cost.

Testimonial Received by:


Gary Smith - General Manager

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