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Customer Mobile App


  • FREE!

  • Engage your Customers

  • Transparency

  • Simplified & Accurate Requests

  • Improved Customer Communication 

  • Build Trust 


  • Email 

  • Call

  • Request Service, Quotes, and Rentals 

  • Active Service 

  • Asset List 

  • QR Scan 

  • Sign Documents 

  • PM Programs 

  • Dealer Information 


Review and Sign Work Orders

  • Your customers can review and sign work orders directly from the Manage IT app 

  • Technicians no longer have to try and hunt down the right person to sign their work orders

  • Keep your technician and customer safe by social distancing and not having to share devices

Customer Requests

  • Give your customers the ability to effortlessly submit service, rental, and quote requests directly to your back office

  • When paired with Scan IT, your customers can scan the trucks QR code which will automatically pre-populate the equipment information, providing your back office with more, accurate information

  • Get more, accurate information needed to best serve your customers


View Active Service

  • Allow your customers to view the work orders currently ​open on their equipment


Dealer Contact Information

  • Your customers will have the ability to call, email, or visit your website directly from the Manage IT app

  • Customize your Manage IT app with your logo and colors

View Equipment List

  • Provide your customer with the ability to view their equipment list and details

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