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Tinnacity's Customer Portal's purpose it to maintain, extend and increase the value between you the Dealer and your customers.


  • Engage your Customers

  • Transparency

  • Simplified & Accurate Requests

  • Improved Customer Communication 

  • Build Trust 

  • Your Brand, Your Site, Your Customers


  • Email 

  • Call

  • Request Service, Quotes, and Rentals 

  • Active Service 

  • Asset List 

  • QR Scan 

  • Sign Documents 

  • PM Programs 

  • Dealer Information 

Customer Portal

Company Branding

Customize your customer portal to use your company's branding (colors, logo, name, address, phone number and your company's website address.


Your customers will have the ability to call, email, or visit your website directly from the customer portal.

My Dealer.png
Monitor Request Service.png

Customer Requests

Give your customers the ability to effortlessly submit service, rental, and quote requests directly to your back office. When paired with Scan IT, your customers can scan the equipment's QR code which will automatically pre-populate the equipment information. Get more, accurate information needed to best serve your customers.

Active Service

Allow your customers to view the work orders currently ​open on their equipment. As well as sales requests, rental requests, and quote requests.

Monitor CP Home Screen.png
Monitor Request Service.png

Provide your customers with the ability to view service history for their equipment and download the respective completed work order PDF.

Monitor CP Completed WOs.png

Service History

Monitor CP Closed WO Detail Screen.png

Asset List

Provide your customers with the ability to view their equipment list.

With a click of a button your customers can request a quote and/or service directly from the equipment details.

Monitor CP Equipment List.png
Monitor CP Equipment Detail Screen.png
Monitor CP Needs Action List.png
Monitor Sign & Complete WO.png

Sign & Complete Work Orders

Your customers can sign and complete work orders that are in 'Customer Review' status, eliminating your your technicians having to track someone down to sign the work order(s) while they are onsite.

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