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Track assets with our QR tags that are available to you today. Simply associate your asset (lift truck, dock, door, battery, etc.) with the Tinnacity QR tags using our Scan iT app and you are ready to go. These tags are scannable by your service technician (Service iT) and your customer. Your customers can request service directly to you with a simple scan on their mobile device camera (no app needed).  Quick, easy, and accurate service request information at your customer’s fingertips!

Tinnacity Asset Tracking QR Scan


  • Empower Techs

  • Engage Customers

  • Simplify Troubleshooting

  • Accurate Equipment Information 

  • Elevate your Dealership 


  • Asset Information

  • Service Hisotry

  • Open Work Order

  • Create Work Order

  • Service Request

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Customer Portal Access (available in Q2)

Assing QR codes to your asset

QR Assign

Easily assign QR codes to your equipment, then attach the QR asset tags to the equipment.

Scan QR for Inventory Tracking
Scan QR code for location tracking

Inventory Check

Inventory Check allows you to scan a QR Code to 'check in' the equipment, to submit a request to move the equipment from current location to another, or submit that the equipment cannot be found at the current location. 

QR Scan to request service or see open service items
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