Shipping Mobile App

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Industrial equipment service providers are transporting equipment and other assets daily. Scheduling shipments and setting the priority of those shipments daily becomes a rigorous chore that consumes time and dollars. Tracking a shipment with hard-copy paperwork provides no visibility into the current state of the shipment or the driver. Assuring paperwork was completed accurately, legible, within company guidelines, or not lost is challenging.

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Ship IT is a software solution that automates the transport process from pickup to delivery. Our solution allows the dispatchers/schedulers to control, assign, prioritize, and schedule shipments for in-house or 3rd party transport services. Shipment "paperwork" is delivered automatically to the driver's app and structured to company guidelines to ensure the shipment is completed thoroughly and accurately. All transport information is tracked automatically and the status of each shipment is visible to the back office as a driver starts and completes each shipment. As a shipment is completed, digital PDF documentation is created instantaneously for the customer and the back office.

Shipping Dock

  • View Unscheduled & Scheduled​ Shipments

    • Rental, Sale, Scrap, Transfer, Service, Demo, Loaner, Other​

  • Create Shipments

  • Easy Drag n Drop to Schedule

  • View shipments by Calendar or List 

  • Ability to Prioritize driver Shipments for the day

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Mobile Shipment

  • Easy to read Pick Up and Delivery details

  • Easy to read (color coded) status updates 

  • Customer Signature upon completion of Pick Up and Delivery 

  • Pick Up & Delivery Actions

    • Must be completed before driver finishes Pick Up and Delivery​

    • Auto Checkmark upon Completion

    • Comment, Hour Meter, Inspection/Checklist, Pictures, Signature 

Digital Document

  • Generates PDF Doc when Shipment is complete

  • Information is based upon template configuration 

  • Ability to set Customer and Back Office notification

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