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We just don't build products to build them.  We build solutions to address the needs in the equipment service market and to provide a helping hand to those that may not have resources at their fingertips to solve.  If we help make our clients successful, then we will be successful.  We are more than an app....we are a solution!


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The dispatch board lists open and recently completed work orders.  The technician uses the intuitive buttons to either start or stop accumulating work/travel.  No more misplaced paperwork!

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Electronic Checklists

Configurable checklists can be used as an assurance that a specific section of the equipment has been inspected and is in working condition. If not in working condition,, the checklist question can be flagged with a comment and a quote can be requested.  The checklist details in included in the PDF that is emailed to the customer.

Parts Inventory

The app allows the technician to add parts used to complete the repair directly to the work order.  They can also request a part, a quote, a work order and submit a sales lead.

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Time Cards & GEO Stamping

Real-time updates in HQ for technician's applied time and GEO Stamp. At the end of the day, the technician reviews, e-signs and submits their time card.

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Revenue Gain

The technician does not control billing hours, resulting into gain time. Labor and travel hours are cacluated automatically and controlled by the configurable business via labor & travel maximums/minimums and rounding rules.

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Batch Customer Signature

Upon completion of the work order, batch capture the customer's signature for all completed work orders with one signature with the option to email the work order completion PDF to the customer.

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