Field Service Mobile Solution

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Forklift technicians and industrial equipment service professionals spend roughly 10-20% of their day doing paperwork which can be inaccurate, illegible, incomplete, or just plain lost. Small to medium sized material handling & industrial equipment service providers do not have a cost-effective solution that can help them "Go Mobile" without breaking the bank or having to maintain a solution themselves with little to no expertise. 

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Tinnacity has used 20+ years of industry and technology expertise to hone in on a field service solution specific for the material handling & industrial equipment service market. Our product addresses the core needs of field service work that provides that same base features from any "high-feature / high-cost" solution and gives more capability than any current " low-cost / low-feature" product; all at an affordable price to provide a lowered cost of entry and risk for the service provider. 

Dispatch Board

  • View all dispatched work from creation to completion

  • Visualize open work orders in a easy to see format

  • Real-time updates for work order and technician status

  • View individual work order details

  • Assign multiple technicians to a single work order

  • View and email work order PDF's

Mobile Work Orders

  • Automatic time tracking for work order. 

  • Hour meter entry required for every work order

  • Inspection checklists required for all PM's

  • Add parts to work order

  • Attach pictures to work order

  • Ability to request a quote directly from work order

  • Work performed and private comments

  • Customer signature for 1 to many work orders

  • Work order PDF sent directly to customer

Time Cards

  • Real-time updates for where the technician has applied their time

  • Quickly view day totals at the top of the page

  • Email time card PDF

  • Visualize which work orders were worked on throughout the day

  • Comment on individual time card entries

  • Geo Stamping (GPS) of technicians

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Mobile Time Cards

  • Automatic time tracking based on actions in app

  • Time card is built as the technician works throughout the day rather than at the end of the day based on technician's memory

  • Quickly view the total hours at top of screen

  • Ability to add comments to individual entries

  • Sign and submit the time card to the back office 


  • Daily and weekly reports generated and emailed to users

  • Reports break down data gathered by the Service IT app

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Inspection Checklists

  • Assigned to each equipment model and automatically attached to the work order

  • Must be completed in order for the technician to complete the work order

  • Able to identify severity of each issue and add comments to each question

  • Completed checklist appears on work order PDF with comments


  • Real-time notifications to notify technician

  • Notifications appear on tablet lock screen and in the Service IT notification center



Service IT is a SAAS product and is billed monthly on a per user basis. 

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