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Hear from Omnilift

Logo for Omnilift. Omnilift provides new and used equipment, service and rental equipment.

Omnilift is located in Warminster, PA and Allentown, PA.

"Tinnacity Mobile solution is the perfect fit for our service team. Service processes are streamlined; from the moment a customer places a service call until we process an invoice, Tinnacity is working to ensure optimal tech performance and management reporting accuracy.

Before implementing Tinnacity, technicians would have to come off the road to turn in completed work orders, thereby losing valuable billing opportunity. Now, we have the ability to invoice as soon as a work order is signed. The app has saved us in technician time, vehicle wear/gas and printing costs, while allowing us to turn our receivables faster. Keeping technicians in the field and producing was key in increasing productivity.

Even though we have GPS – Tinnacity gave us a clear understanding of exactly what the tech is working on throughout the day. Dispatchers can easily determine when the next job needs to be dispatched. Less time is spent on the phone, thereby increasing productivity for both tech and dispatcher. Work orders come in .pdf format directly to our servers, eliminating the need to sort through paper and file mounds of work orders.

Tinnacity’s Mobile solution makes it easy for our service techs to do what they do best – repair equipment."


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